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Allan Badiner, co-editor, Zig-Zag Zen :

Writing clearly, in the manner of an investigative reporter, Mike Crowley unlocks the mystery of amrita and answers, with previously unseen certainty, the question of whether or not psychedelics were part of historical Buddhist practice.


Clark Heinrich, author, Magic Mushrooms in Religion and Alchemy :

Psychedelic drugs in Buddhism? Believe it. Don’t believe it? Read this book!

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Rev. Kokyo Henkel, head teacher, Santa Cruz Zen Center :

Mike Crowley has manifested a book on topic rarely spoken of, and certainly never explored with such depth. With a combination of personal anecdotes, detailed historical research and a large collection of traditional art, this book will encourage modern-day Buddhist yogis and mind-explorers to see their practice and its roots in a new way.

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A fascinating read... hard to put down.


Just reading this book was itself a mind-expanding experience. My concepts regarding religions have been forever changed.


A fantastic life's work. I highly recommend this to anyone with even a remote interest in Buddhism, history, psychedelics, iconography, or simply mysteries. The quality of the book is academic, but the readability is such that anyone can open and follow along... Don't hesitate buying the book, you will not be disappointed.